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New Bill


Would you like to know details about your usage?!

We are pleased to present to you Jawwal’s bill in its new format; the bill includes more details so you can be more informed about your usage details

The new bill will be effective as of 1/1/2013 bill; the bill has is designed with a new format and is printed to subscribers and can be viewed through the “Email Bill” service and through “My Account” page on Jawwal’s site www.jawwal.ps , taking into consideration the following:


Content of the new bill:

·The bill with its new format is made of two pages for postpaid subscribers and one page for MIX and data line subscribers; the bill is in both Arabic and English.

The first page includes:

·Subscriber’s personal information and billing cycle data.

·The overall usage to each destination and the monthly subscription fees for plans and services.

·Handset’s installment after discount.

·VAT and total after VAT.

·Previous receivables and total amount due.

·Payment notice.

The second page includes:

Breakdown of most items in the first page and contains graphical illustrations to compare usage with the last six months and the ratio of the most important items from the overall total value of the current bill.


·Both pages include a bar code that contains the Jawwal number.

·If the subscriber has automatic payment service, the automatic payment notice will appear on both pages.

·The account number instead of the Jawwal number will appear in the congregational bill.

Banking Services

·E-Banking :


Manage your finances more efficiently and access your account anytime and anywhere, banking services are now available through your mobile phone. Receive your account transactions and stay updated on your balance via SMS.

Now both Arab Bank and Bank of Palestine P.L.C provide you with this unique banking service.


·Kartak Arabi Service :


A convenient way with less effort…

Jawwal offers you Kartak Arabi service in cooperation with Arab Bank,now you can add credit to your Jawwal cellular through one of the following services:-

Hala Arabi :



Call 1800333333 and follow these steps:


·Choose number 1 from the main menu.

·Enter your account number of 6 digits then your password.

·Choose number 3 then 4 then 1.

·Choose the account you would like to recharge from.

·Enter the Jawwal number you want to recharge starting with 059 then choose number 2.

·Choose the amount you would like to recharge with: 20,50 ,100 or 200 then choose 2 to proceed then 2 to end the process successfully.


Arabi Online:

 ·Enter Arabi Online page through www.arabbank.ps.

·Choose "My mobiles" then "mobile recharge" and follow these steps:

·Choose Company's name: Jawwal.

·Choose the amount you would like to recharge with: 20, 50,100 or 200.

·Choose the Account you would like to use (NIS, USD,JD) then enter your account number.

·Enter the Jawwal number you would like to recharge starting with 059.

·Press "execute recharge" to accomplish the process.




   Choose " Mobile recharge" from menu then follow these steps:


·Choose Company's name: Jawwal.

·Enter the Jawwal number you would like to recharge, starting with 059 then press Enter.

·Choose the amount you would like to recharge with: 20, 50,100 or 200.

·Choose the account you would like to recharge from.

·Press "Accept" to accomplish the process.




Kindly note that:

Kindly note that :

·If you would like to benefit from "Kartak Arabi" service, you should maintain an account at the Arab Bank and subscribe to one of the above mentioned services.

·The added credit is the actual value of voucher.

·Voucher’s validity will last as it is accredited by Jawwal.

·Deduction and transfer processes between your accounts are done through the Arab Bank and at the exchange rate identified by the Bank.

For any inquiries, call 1800333333.

SMS Bill

A convenient, flexible way to receive your monthly bill on your mobile phone through SMS.



If you are subscribed to the direct debit service, follow these easy steps to activate SMS Bill Service.

·If you would like to inquire about your last bill, send an SMS with "LI" to 1200.

·If you would like to receive your total bill amounts, send "OS" to 1200.

·Kindly note that SMS rate is 0.32 NIS, including VAT.

Direct Debit

Jawwal offers you more options and privileges … You can now pay your invoice through automatically deduction from your bank account.

Enhance your payment methods, Direct Debit is a flexible way to pay your bill. Stay relaxed with Direct Debit service because it is easy and secure, simply activate this service, then your monthly bill amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Banks included in this service are:-

·Egyptian Arab Land Bank

·Arab Bank

·Bank of Palestine P.L.C

·Bank of Jordan

·Cairo - Amman Bank

·Palestine Commercial Bank

·Palestine Islamic Bank

·Arab Islamic Bank

·Housing Bank

·Palestine Investment Bank

·Al Rafah Microfinance Bank.

·Al Quds Bank

Email Bill

Your Bill Via Your Email


·Jawwal offers you the easiest way to receive your monthly bill, with Email bill service you may view your latest monthly invoice.

·A message will be sent with the billing data needed via your email.

·For more inquiries, please call 1122 for company's authorized personnel.

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